Welcome to AdFem

Welcome to AdFem.

This is a place for creators in every sense. If you made it and are proud of it, then we want to see it.

AdFem believes in equality through creativity and that creators should be able to represent themselves as they want to be represented. As creators we should respect each other’s ability to create—to overcome defeat and struggle and impart something of our own creative energy onto the world. We hope to craft a space where critical investigations of the self, body, identity and existence can be viewed and discussed alongside investigations of form, technique and material study—while holding the same artistic value.

Here we will allow works to be shared and presented, discussed and dissected, all on the merit of the work itself. While allowing creators to represent themselves to the audience in a way they deem appropriate—we seek to highlight the history and context of identity in the way that it relates to the creative process.

Submissions we accept include:

Art of any medium—consider our digital platform and allow that to help your piece transcend traditional means of presentation, but don’t think that our preference lies with digital creations.
Literature of all types—short stories, poems, songs, really beautiful or inventive lines of code.
Theory on all subjects—explain pressing issues or mundane realities with creatively researched presentations or papers.

This is an exciting moment for us and for you and we hope to see your work here soon!